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Losing the plan

This past Friday was my first day yoga teacher training (with the cutest and nicest cohort ever, I should note). We started with introductions: specifically what was our motivation for embarking on the yoga-training path. My mat neighbor to the left, B, spoke about his aspiration to introduce yoga to men in his generation. He talked about how his peers don’t really understand nor embrace the benefits of yoga. He also mentioned how he hadn’t fully figured out how he would reach that goal. After B spoke his piece, our instructor interjected to drop a major key that has stuck with me during the days since that session. Continue reading “Losing the plan”

The Uncontrollables

This summer, at least two major airlines – Southwest and Delta — experienced significant computer outages and lost their shit for more than a few days. As my luck would have it, I happened to be traveling for work during both airlines’ downfalls. The first time around I was deeply annoyed when I ended up trapped in Chicago for two days without luggage, a hotel voucher, nor anything more than a meager apology from a Southwest gate agent for the inconvenience. When Delta recently faced a similar challenge the day before I embarked on a week-long journey that relied on six of their flights, I had a better idea of what I could do on my end to lessen the fallout from the anticipated setbacks. Since both experiences afforded me a few hundred dollars in flight vouchers I decided to let go of my anger and embrace the lessons learned. Here are my major keys on managing the impact that the uncontrollable parts of our lives have on us: Continue reading “The Uncontrollables”

Sum of the parts

For several reasons, Florida holds a special place in my heart and my history. During the eleven years of my childhood that my family and I spent in Jacksonville, I met friends who’ve since become lifelong confidants. When I lived in Florida as an adult, the constant – though sometimes unrelenting – sunshine, miles of beaches, and abundant seafood often made life feel like a perpetual vacation. Also moving to Florida as an adult enabled me to transition out of a troubled emotional period and get some much needed downtime to focus on my shit. For reasons both tangible and spiritual, I have a strong affinity for the Sunshine State, but this summer I’m leaving it behind. Continue reading “Sum of the parts”

Everyday creativity

Often when we hear “creativity” mentioned, images of the arts pop into mind.  Writers, artists, dancers, and musicians commonly earn the rap as the “creative types,” but the truth is that creativity is not limited to a particular talent or profession.  Literally, creativity entails approaching things in an original manner and exploring new ideas. When considered in that context, it’s easier to see how anyone can be a little more creative, regardless of the industry she works in or her profession.  For a few ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing, check out my article over at Sharp Heels.


Pay attention

This morning I got caught up in the good ole online article trap. It started with a friend sending me a link to an article about her neighborhood in LA. From there I clicked on another article about Whole Foods, which led to another site with more articles – more information – and 45 minutes later I started to question what I am really doing with my life (btw, still don’t know the answer to that question). Continue reading “Pay attention”

Up for grabs

I follow a few dozen of those Instagram accounts that post inspirational quotes all day.  I do it to balance out the celebrity, yoga people, and food accounts that dominate my feed and to at least see something positive on a regular basis….since scrolling the gram is an ongoing activity and all. I usually mentally nod at most of the quotes or screenshot ones that resonate with me, but one recently gave me pause:

“What is meant for you won’t pass you and what has passed you wasn’t meant for you.” Continue reading “Up for grabs”

Plant where you grow

A few weeks ago, my youngest brother and I had a conversation about resilience and how we feel like we have developed a healthy dose of it due to our childhood. We grew up in home that made many happy memories, but we were not afforded the luxury of having a lot of money. Our basic and many non-basic needs were consistently met; however money insecurity persisted.  As a result, growing up my siblings and I developed a keen sense of resourcefulness and resilience to the challenges that come when you barely have enough. I’m grateful for those experiences.  Continue reading “Plant where you grow”

(Don’t) call me on my cell phone

My second home is a Southwest airplane.  On average, I fly every other week either for business or personal excursions. Due to the frequency at which I travel, I like to think that I have established a pretty decent routine that helps me make each flight on time and in one piece; however given that I am human, snafus occasionally occur. Continue reading “(Don’t) call me on my cell phone”

Make a List: Priorities

I spent the holiday weekend with my brother, sister-in-law, and three nephews (two-year-old twins and their four-year-old big brother) in South Florida.  Weekends spent with them are rarely boring.  As you can imagine, three little boys foster an environment that is loud and eventful. Especially when they spontanesously started singing the “Rain, Rain Go Away” song in unison when an unexpected storm cuts short their pool day.  Or when they decided that when I was in downward facing dog position was the best time to crawl under me and stretch, too, so I was forced to awkwardly flip/roll out of the pose in order to avoid squashing them. Fun times. Continue reading “Make a List: Priorities”

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