I like long flights because I get to read entire books in one sitting. Because of my Amazon Prime addiction, I always have a stack of books on deck for me to read.  My options typically run the gamut from business books to spiritual guides, but for these prime reading opportunities I tend to gravitate towards my sentimental options.  Which usually leads to some public, not-so-inconspicuous crying. Tears streaming, snot dripping, sniffles audible – the type of spectacle that makes everyone around me uncomfortable and makes me look like a hot disaster when I finally arrive at my destination.  Clearly, I am a person who has it together in life.

The latest book to ruin my mascara is “tiny beautiful things” by Cheryl Strayed. Strayed is the author behind the memoir “Wild,” the novel “Torch” and the ‘Dear Sugar’ advice columnist over at therumpus.net.  “tiny beautiful things” features a compilation of her best columns. Conflicted souls inquire about everything from infidelity to self-acceptance to how to cope with the death of a loved one.  Her advice to them is compassionate and pointed, and she draws on her own life experiences to illustrate the power of human resilence and our capacity for progress. She is the kind of friend whose advice you would regret not following.

If you are wrestlng with some tough decisions of your own or even if your life is moving along swimmingly, I recommend that you check out Strayed’s recent work.  There are lessons and reminders for everyone.