I’m training for the Philly marathon this fall, and today I met with my running group to do my weekly long run. Eleven miles.  I’ve done a number of races over the past decade – everything from 5Ks to a full marathon – so 11 shouldn’t have been that bad for me; however given that I hadn’t run in a few weeks coupled with hunger, it turned out to be a bit of a challenge both physically and mentally.  But I got through it.

That’s not what this post is about though. Not everyone in the group was onboard to run double digits which was a little disappointing because I realized that I would have to do a few miles alone. During our warm up we walked a few paces, chatting and catching up, and then I announced that I was going to try and run eleven miles.  To which our group leader replied, “Don’t try; just do it.  Go run.”

Her encouragement gave me pause because it made me think about how many times I set out to do things with that “I will try” mentality versus claiming my victory beforehand. The answer is often. For example, the other day I said to my mom that I was going to try to make a new dish instead of just saying that I was going to make it. (it turned out great, by the way ;).  I advise my friends to claim what they want in life, but it was an eye opener to realize that I don’t always do it myself.  Reminder heard loud and clear – next weekend I will run thirteen miles. 🙂