I follow a few dozen of those Instagram accounts that post inspirational quotes all day.  I do it to balance out the celebrity, yoga people, and food accounts that dominate my feed and to at least see something positive on a regular basis….since scrolling the gram is an ongoing activity and all. I usually mentally nod at most of the quotes or screenshot ones that resonate with me, but one recently gave me pause:

“What is meant for you won’t pass you and what has passed you wasn’t meant for you.”

Normally I find the “leave the past in the past” nuggets of wisdom pretty straight-forward, but I had a harder time grasping this example.  I get it that it’s a reminder that disappointments were really dodged bullets, and that we’re all destined for what we supposed to have/be/do.  But I guess my struggle with this quote stems from my belief that we make the things that are meant for us happen, they do not happen to us.  Yes, sometimes life throws us circumstances that may redirect our efforts, but I think that the reality that we face  is what we ultimately have manifested.

Instead of sitting around waiting for serendipity to determine their destinies, each and every day people are creating their own realities.  These realities may or may not be the intended state, but they reflect the effort their owners. When a person puts all of his/her thoughts, energies, and actions behind a certain outcome, the universe has a funny way of catching wind of that and delivering on it.  I don’t think that things catch or pass our; we reach out and grab what is ours.