This past Friday was my first day yoga teacher training (with the cutest and nicest cohort ever, I should note). We started with introductions: specifically what was our motivation for embarking on the yoga-training path. My mat neighbor to the left, B, spoke about his aspiration to introduce yoga to men in his generation. He talked about how his peers don’t really understand nor embrace the benefits of yoga. He also mentioned how he hadn’t fully figured out how he would reach that goal. After B spoke his piece, our instructor interjected to drop a major key that has stuck with me during the days since that session.

She noted that in life we collect experiences and gifts not only for our own edification, but because opportunities will arise when we will be able to impart that knowledge onto others. God gives us our talents so that we can, in turn, give them to others. It’s not so important to focus on the ABC’s of how we will establish a platform or reach an endpoint. Why? Because if we approach life and others with a willingness to serve, then opportunities to share will present themselves. Always.

I found that feedback powerful. From a young age, we’re taught to march along a linear path to retirement marked with pre-defined ‘checkpoints’ (go to college, establish a career, buy a house, spit out a kid, blah, blah) to ensure that we contribute to society in a commonly acceptable manner; however lost in that formula is the importance of using your talents to influence your personal spheres.

In recent moments I’ve started foolishly stressing myself out a little. I started over-thinking how I would reconcile my expanding love for all the yoga things with a corporate career that I am not quite ready to abandon (more on that later). After accepting this idea that “Hey, dummy – you don’t have to always have it figured out to a ‘T’!” I realized that yoga will continue to evolve in my life like everything before it has – with its own timing.

On Sunday I left training limping a little and starving (man, smoothies and protein bars only do so much for this girl). But, most importantly, the huge burden to have a “yoga plan” had been lifted from my sore and sweaty shoulders. I thought back to my initial introduction when we talked about our motivation for spending 20 weekend hours on a yoga mat. I said something along the lines that I wanted to learn more about yoga in general, and that I had no idea how I would use my newly developed teaching skills. But after receiving advice that was similar to B’s, I accepted that I don’t know where this yoga thing is going to take me, and I realized that it’s enough for now that I just like where it’s going. I trust that the rest will take care of itself, as it always does.