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Lesson: Fight uphill, cruise down

In my neighborhood there is a bridge that I like to cross as part of my normal runs. It’s a terrible hill with a slow, steep incline and a seemingly too short down ramp. Said bridge always kill me, but since there is always traffic, I am usually too proud to stop running…even when my legs are on fire and my chest feels like it is going to beat out of my chest.  I get a strange sense of satisfaction from fighting up the hill and strangely I’m more inclined to walk the decline – partly because running downhill makes my knees feel weird and partly because I like to take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the city. Continue reading “Lesson: Fight uphill, cruise down”

Making Progress: Just do it

I’m training for the Philly marathon this fall, and today I met with my running group to do my weekly long run. Eleven miles.  I’ve done a number of races over the past decade – everything from 5Ks to a full marathon – so 11 shouldn’t have been that bad for me; however given that I hadn’t run in a few weeks coupled with hunger, it turned out to be a bit of a challenge both physically and mentally.  But I got through it. Continue reading “Making Progress: Just do it”

Pour it up: Darby’s Reserve Rye Whiskey

A few weeks ago a Total Wine opened less than a mile away from my apartment complex. Prior to this development I was on the fence about whether or not to renew my lease this fall. Needless to say, I’ll be here for at least another six months. No one can accuse me of not having priorities. Continue reading “Pour it up: Darby’s Reserve Rye Whiskey”

Read this: tiny beautiful things (Cheryl Strayed)

I like long flights because I get to read entire books in one sitting. Because of my Amazon Prime addiction, I always have a stack of books on deck for me to read.  My options typically run the gamut from business books to spiritual guides, but for these prime reading opportunities I tend to gravitate towards my sentimental options.  Which usually leads to some public, not-so-inconspicuous crying. Tears streaming, snot dripping, sniffles audible – the type of spectacle that makes everyone around me uncomfortable and makes me look like a hot disaster when I finally arrive at my destination.  Clearly, I am a person who has it together in life. Continue reading “Read this: tiny beautiful things (Cheryl Strayed)”

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