This summer, at least two major airlines – Southwest and Delta — experienced significant computer outages and lost their shit for more than a few days. As my luck would have it, I happened to be traveling for work during both airlines’ downfalls. The first time around I was deeply annoyed when I ended up trapped in Chicago for two days without luggage, a hotel voucher, nor anything more than a meager apology from a Southwest gate agent for the inconvenience. When Delta recently faced a similar challenge the day before I embarked on a week-long journey that relied on six of their flights, I had a better idea of what I could do on my end to lessen the fallout from the anticipated setbacks. Since both experiences afforded me a few hundred dollars in flight vouchers I decided to let go of my anger and embrace the lessons learned. Here are my major keys on managing the impact that the uncontrollable parts of our lives have on us: Continue reading “The Uncontrollables”